The Perfect Steak

One of the many things I love about owning my beef business is that I get to try so many recipes with our delicious cuts.

At our house steak is definitely the fan favorite, I mean how could it not? Especially bacon wrapped filet mignon, “The Range Special”. Everyone loves a good steak. Over the years I have fed a ton of hungry mouths, here is what I’ve found works to cook the PERFECT steak.

First, choose your cut of Bingham Beef Premium Aged steak.

Second, make sure you have a good meat thermometer. Here is a link to one as a suggestion


Third, you will want to make sure your steak is evenly thawed.  You can put it in the freezer a day or two in advance for best results.  Then set it out at room temperature for 15-30 minutes before cooking so it will cook more evenly. You can put a little dry rub on if you'd like. We have a family homemade favorite we put on.

Fourth, heat your grill up.  I like to do a high heat and sear steak on both sides for 1-2 minutes with the lid closed.  Then turn down your heat as the steak continues to cook. Depending on the steak thickness your cook times will vary. The following grill times are an estimate based on a 1 inch thick steak.

For a rare steak (125°F to 130°F): 4 minutes each side on the grill
For a medium-rare steak (130°F to 140°F): 5 minutes each side on the grill
For a medium steak (140°F to 150°F): 6 minutes each side on the grill
For a medium-well steak (150°F to 160°F): 7 mintes, each side on the grill                        For a well done steak (160°F to over 160°F): 8-9 mintes, each side on the grill

Use your thermometer to check doneness.

Fifth after cooking steak let it rest on a plate covered with a lid or tinfoil to hold heat for 5 minutes before serving.  This is an important part of the process.

I hope you enjoy your steaks as much as we do!

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