Beef Tallow

Have you heard all the buzz about beef tallow? It is pretty amazing. Let me tell you about it!


Beef Tallow - We have been working on this for a while.

Beef tallow is a natural skin care product.  It was used in the past and we are now circling back to it in an effort to get away from chemical filled moisturizers.

We wan to keep our product simple, just three products. Beef Tallow, Avacado Oil and one essential oil scent.

We have dry skin in our family and when we are out in the elements it becomes important to use some extra moisturizer. There are so many benefits to using tallow and  I’m seeing the results before my eyes of this natural product.

We’ve been using our Rancer's Daughter Whipped Beef Tallow Balm on our family.  We have had very noticeable results. Hatlee had a spot of eczema on her arm. The spot started out at about 2.5 inches in diameter.  It was very irritating to her. We put beef tallow on it.  It absorbed well into the skin.  The following day I could see signs of healing.  The skin was less red and stating to peel the old skin away. By day 3 there was minimal sign of it. By day 7 it was basically unnoticeable!

Jake has psoriasis and is constantly trying to keep it at bay.  He has used perscription creams in the past to help reduce the inflamation, itching and redness.  Now he is using beef tallow balm and it's working.  I appreciate that he now has a natural solution.

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Tallow contains Vitamin D & Vitamin A - these fat-soluble vitamins contribute to healthy skin, eyes, bones and teeth.

It also contains Vitamin E & K which help build skin elasticity and promote healthy collagen development.

Tallow balm is highly absorbable by the skin which helps nourish and moisturize better than many plant-based lotions.

It’s naturally anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and won’t clog pores. It helps with cases of acne.

This products uses include but are not limited to, eczema relief, psoriasis support, scar healing, soothing inflammation, reduces acne and redness reduction.

Tallow is an all natural alternative to skin moisturizers and Vaseline.

I am loving this product and you will too!


We've formulated a variety of scents to try.  One of my other favorite parts is our label. The picture is of our Rancher's Daughter, Dallee Jo.

Let the healing begin.


You’ve got to try it!

The picture below is of Hatlee's Arm.

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